Where has your dollar bill been?

Can I just say that I think bills/coins are the nastiest and grossest thing around. 
I just can’t think too hard or long about all the places it’s been before it reaches me without freakin’ out lol.
Don’t get me wrong…I still welcome it and lots of it. That’s what soap and water are for I suppose.
Where has your dollar bill been?


Oh I Have A Dream

Oh I have a Dream today.

That every living pig will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their piggly character and their ability to fatten up to feed a multitude.

Oh I have a Dream today.

Eyes have not seen all the bacon šŸ„“ God has stored up in heaven for us.

Ears have not heard the heavenly sounds of bacon joyfully being eaten by all on one accord.

Who there shall frown down upon greasy lips smackin’, feet just a tappin’? Mmm finger lickin’ good!

Those in agreement give a Victory shout.

Now pass the morning bacon.

Happy Saturday!

The silly things we do as kids.

I was in the kindergarten, and we were outdoors playing for recess, I remember needing to go to the bathroom really really badly, the urge got so strong that I decided to sit down on the concrete and relieve myself. 
All of a sudden, I looked down, and there was a round puddle circling my butt, I don’t know what I was thinking at that age… that the urine would be sucked up and somehow absorbed by the concrete, naw that didn’t happen.
Anyway, it seemed like almost immediately, a whistle was blown, and kids started lining up to go back inside the building, I knew that if I stood up, the other kids would see the puddle and put it all together naming me the pee pee girl.
I don’t know why I didn’t seek out an adult for help? No clue.
Not sure why that just came to my mind, but it did.
The silly things kids do.
Happy Thursday!